Kalani Foundation 501(c)(3) - 1/27/2020

About Us


In Memory of Dean Kalani Mathews 3/8/1999 - 10/5/2016

The Kalani Foundation 501(c)(3) is the first and only foundation that provides financial assistance to families afflicted with suicide. The Foundation 501(c)(3) helps families who lost a loved one to suicide and need assistance. We provide assistance with funeral costs, lost wages, mortgage payments and also provide scholarships for children or siblings.   

The Kalani Foundation was formed after we lost our son, Dean Kalani, to suicide at the young age of 17 unexpectedly. We were faced with unimaginable amounts of questions. We found the support for the families left behind by suicide victims was hard to find. Besides all the mounting questions from the tragedy itself, we had to determine arrangements and all the expenses that come with it. I was allowed 1 week off work and my husband 2 weeks (both unpaid) to make arrangements and for bereavement. We found out that life insurance policies have exclusions for suicide or minimum years of requirement before pay out. 

Funerals cost anywhere from $1,500 to $40,000, with the average being $7,500. Families experience, lost wages and financial hardships, due to the sudden tragedy. It is our goal to help these families at their most devastating time in their lives.  

 We are a 100% donation-based charity. Without donations we cannot help those in need that are left behind.

Help Our Cause

Because we are a 100%  donation-based charity, your support and contributions will enable us to meet our goals and help families struck with the sudden financial burden of suicide.  

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Why We Do This

Our History


Having gone through a loss of our own and being put in this unfortunate situation ourselves, we saw the need for nonprofit work in this area, as no other foundation helps the families financially. We formed our organization to provide  solutions to an immediate, unforeseen circumstance. We want to grow into a worldwide organization to help as many in need as possible.

Our Mission


We focus on healing families and helping them grow into a new normal, while working through their hardships with the grieving process. Our members and volunteers have a personal connection to this cause and provide the momentum that helps us affect change. We want to be the difference and make a real change to help end this epidemic of suicide.

Our Team


Our amazing team of regulars and part-time volunteers are committed to helping others. We take our convictions and turn them into action. Think you would be a good fit? Get in touch to see how you can help.



The sad fact is that suicide does happen and when it is not expected.  Annually the suicide costs the United States Government $69 Billion.The average cost to the government is $1.3 Million per suicide, with health services included. The cost to the government with suicide attempts added jumps to over $93 Billion.

It is our hope that in assisting those that have lost someone that we can reduce the number of suicides that happen annually by having real conversations about having to rebuild life for those left behind.  The world IS not better without you.

The Kalani Foundation is a registered 501(c)(3).

Kalani Foundation 501(c)(3)